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Attract, manage and retain great people.

BRG Advisory Group offers employers a single source employee benefits provider for key elements that can differentiate your employee experience from your competitors.

For Manufacturing, NonProfits, Professional Services and Private Equity firms.

HR Technology

BRG Advisory Group provides enterprise-class HR solutions to help employers more effectively manage their Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Time & Attendance, Performance and Compliance. Our Cloud-based technology suite empowers the entire organization through intuitive self-service and mobile access for convenient, anytime, anywhere access to tools that help your employees manage their professional life as easily as they do their personal life.

Personalized Employee
& Consulting

Unpredictable and ever-changing healthcare requirements, rising benefit costs and strained resources have made offering a competitive benefits package increasingly challenging. BRG Advisory Group tackles these challenges head-on, offering clients a dedicated team of unrivaled employee benefits experts who will work closely with you to optimize your employee benefit program’s financial performance while improving employee satisfaction.


While technology can help you streamline your administrative tasks, your responsibilities as an HR or Finance professional extend beyond processing payroll and managing open enrollment. BRG Advisory Group provides access to experienced, knowledgeable professionals, tools and resources to support your internal team in areas such as compliance, HR support and more.

We Offer

An Integrated Technology Platform • Payroll • Benefits Brokerage • Risk Brokerage • HR Software • Onboarding and Implementation

Ready to eliminate the clutter and the noise? We can help you improve the areas that you feel need to be reviewed.

Better Options | Better Pricing | Better Experience

Recruiting & Hiring

From a configurable career center and hiring processes to integrated job board posting, background screening, E-Verify and I9 forms management, our Talent Acquisition capabilities help you attract the best talent for your organization.

Benefits Administration

Our Benefits Administration features help HR and benefits professionals simplify plan set up and administration while making open enrollment and life event changes easier for the entire organization.

Payroll & Tax Filing

Designed with a wizard-like approach and interactive pay grid, our Payroll system will help you create, review and finalize payroll faster and easier. We also handle quarterly and annual tax filing requirements so you don't have to!

Onboarding & Self-Service

Get your new hires onboarded quickly and easily. Empower employees and managers with self-service. Simplify data management and eliminate paper with electronic employee records.

Time & Attendance

Tracking time, requesting and approving time-off and identifying attendance trends is easy with our Workforce Management. Features like points tracking, geofencing and light scheduling provide even greater control and functionality.

Performance & Comp Planning

From online Performance Management and Compensation Planning to integrated salary survey data and compliance support, PeopleStrategy provides the tools and resources to help you retain your best people.

BRG Advisory Group
Works for the Betterment of Your Company

BRG Advisory Group Brokerage listens to your objectives and matches the best national partner for your needs to provide services of payroll, benefits and HR support on an enterprise technology platform. This technology provides a seamless 360-degree view of services due to the integration versus bundling of services from multiple providers. Additionally, you can be at ease knowing that we utilize our years of experience and our leverage to help you secure the best options and the best pricing.

As an HR decision-maker, you have many responsibilities that need to blend operational objectives while controlling company profitability. The biggest challenge is that you typically are asked to handle them with fewer resources. Additionally, you have unique requirements in the areas of compliance, payroll and tax filing, hiring, training, and much more. To support your specific HR, payroll, benefits, and risk needs, you need to choose not only the right technology but also the right partner. You can be at ease knowing that we utilize our years of brokerage experience and our leverage to help you secure the best options and the best pricing.

Better Benefits | Better Pricing
More Options | More Flexibility | More Efficient

A few of the wonderful organizations we support...

Get all the Benefits

Invest in a hire-to-retire HR platform that will support your employees and your mission as your needs change and grow.

Offer your employees the right combination of benefits to support their physical health needs and reduce costs.

Streamline and simplify open enrollment & life event changes with our intuitive benefits administration platform.

Drive the success of your benefits and wellness programs with a data-driven approach focused on benefits analytics.

Keep up with ever-changing regulatory changes and requirements to ensure compliance and reduce stress.

Reduce your administrative burden and maintain compliance with the right tools and experts on your side.

Offer a complete benefits package focused on overall wellbeing with financial wellness and advisory services.

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We have experience helping firms of all shapes and sizes in all 50 states. including Manufacturing, NonProfits, Professional Services and Private Equity firms.

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Learn first hand how BRG Advisory Group can help you more efficiently hire, manage and retain the people you need to support your mission.

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